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Zach's Cabaret


Zach's Cabaret "Help Me - Help You"

Friday, July 20, 2018

On late Friday evening, an assemblage of artists, family and friends gathered at The Space in Las Vegas to enrich a community with love and support. An extraordinary array of talent took the stage and poured their hearts and souls into heartfelt performances of wonder and laughter. 


Zach's Cabaret Tribute

"Help Me - Help You" reminds us that we do not have to face life's challenges alone, for a community of love and support are with us always. In this tribute, that message is underscored with a narrative composed of soundbites from cabaret speakers, and with beautiful moments captured on stage and behind the scenes.


The Complete Cabaret Show

Here is the full cabaret show, complete with unforgettable performances by some of the most unique and talented artists from around the world – worthy of repeated viewings! 

Cast of Artists:

Antonio Drija • Benedikt Negro • Briana Rossi • Alex Clements • Carlos Lopez • Dena Massero • Mathieu Bolillo • Raquel Martin • Tiffany Halstead • Billy Martinez • Austin Sipp • Nara Dulamsuren • Munguunu Tumendemberel • Odmaa Bayartsogt • Beejay Joyer • Yasu Yoshikawa • Maxim Fomitchev • Karl Sanft • Junior Faitau • Sean Scott • Jon Scott


Moments from Zach's Cabaret "Help Me - Help You"


Thank You

My sincere thank you to everyone that helped us make this an amazing and successful evening for the Spendlove family! Your passion, commitment and sacrifice to be part of this event, was truly a blessing and you will always be part of the minds and hearts of that wonderful family and all their friends.
I hope you will understand the gravity of what you all have done. Their loss transcends the entertainment community and the greater Las Vegas community, and it touches each and every one of us, regardless of whether we have kids or not. There are truly no words to describe the pain and emotion that his family and their friends feel. But with your heart, soul and your willingness to help us make this a special night, we were able to all come together as friends, family and community for one evening to show each other the support and love that we all need to recover from this tragic event. Zach had a beautiful helping heart, and he lived his life with love, smiles, and laughter. It is in his memory, that I always hope we all remember to HELP ME – HELP YOU!
My deepest gratitude, 
Terrill Lobo